Private photo sessions

Frequently asked questions

For who?

You don't have to be a model. Beautiful photos are the result of an appropriate make-up, hairstyle, styling and work of the photographer. By combining these elements, unique photos can be created. Remember - there are no non-photogenic women, they are just badly photographed.

What photos are we taking?

Comfort and trust count in a photo session. Before the session, we determine what photos and in what climate are to be created. Will it be portraits, sensual photos, or maybe something more bold. You decide - you can look at my portfolio to see how many possibilities there are and choose your climate. If other ideas come up during the session, nothing prevents you from implementing them as well.

How does preparing for a session look like?

Before the session, we arrange the details, place and time. We can do it by phone, e-mail, or we can meet if you want. We choose the atmosphere of the photos and we choose the appropriate stylizations. When choosing a place, we can choose to have a session outdoors, in an apartment or in a studio. Before we start taking photos, we also sign a contract that specifies the details of the session.

How does the session looks like?

Each session is different. If you decide to have a session with a make-up, it will take about 1.5 hours. The session itself takes several hours, depending on the amount of styling and ideas that we will implement. During the session, I take care of an appropriate, relaxed atmosphere so that you feel at ease and have a good time. You can definitely count on an interesting conversation.

How many photos will i get?

We set the number of photos during the session. It depends on the type of session, place, number of styles and needs. Usually it is from several to several dozen photos.

When will i receive the photos?

I usually prepare photos in electronic form within 2 weeks, unless you need them in advance and we will arrange it before the session. If you order printed photos or photo albums as part of the session, the delivery time may be longer.

How much does the session cost?

It all depends on the type and scale of the session. A basic photo session, without a make-up and without an apartment or studio, lasting about 1-2 hours is 200 Euro. An extensive session lasting 2-4 hours, which allows you to take a much larger number of photos, costs 300 Euro. A visage costs up to 150 Euro. If we decide to take a session in an apartment or studio, the cost will depend on the chosen place. Also, if you decide to order your photos in print or as a photo album, it will be an additional cost.

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